Sunday, December 19, 2021

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2021!


Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the House,

Progressives were screaming,

‘Are you a man or a mouse?’


They wanted it all.

No matter the cost.

They wanted it now.

So much would be lost.


The voted for Biden,

Who now is their tool,

And dream of ‘reforming’

The filibuster rule.


Pelosi’s been smacked,

And Schumer’s been bruised.

Does Biden realize

That he’s being used?


And while Biden is napping

In the White House mansion,

The man of the moment,

Is Senator Joe Manchin.


And while mainstream Dems

Fight with the ‘Squad’,

The real threat they face?

A circular firing squad!

GOP are no better.

They have no spines.

Trump is their leader.

He is divine!


Liz Cheney is out

For telling the truth.

While others are praised

For being uncouth.


How do Republicans

The few decent legislators,

Run in a primary

When they’ll be called ‘Traitors!’?


Kevin McCarthy

Unhinged and unraveled,

Dreams every night

Of the Speaker’s gavel. 


On January 6th,

As criminals crashed,

Now called Patriots

By the GOP unabashed.


Health is now politics.

What a crazy scene!

When folks can oppose

An amazing vaccine.


Who would have thought

That folks would believe,

That Anthony Fauci

Should be relieved.


So who will emerge

Who’s got the roar

To whack away Trump

In 2024?


Tom Cotton? DeSantis?

Who else might lose?

Marjorie or Nikki?

How ‘bout Ted Cruz?


One thing I know,

One thing for sure

We all know what ails us,

But what is the cure?













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  1. Thanks, Michael. Enjoyed your poetic flare and your evenhanded barbs.