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End Medicare As We Know It

The intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been raging and smoldering since I was born, over half a century ago. This suggests that it is an insoluble conundrum, yet all parties to the conflict and others admit that they know what the contours of the final peace would be. This reality heightens everyone’s frustration. The process is frozen within close view of the end zone. The Medicare crisis is analogous to Middle East peace process. The challenges are well known and the solutions are obvious. Yet, decades go by and politics have kept politicians, and those they serve, out of the end zone. They’ve been fumbling the ball for a generation. Now, it’s 4th down and they want to punt again. The problem is that the Medicare program is headed toward insolvency. The solution? Here’s three Mensa suggestions: Scale back benefits Spend more money Raise the age of eligibility Most folks support scaling back benefits, as long as it’s someone else’s benefits that will be adjusted. Si

A ‘Never Event’ in Alabama: Did Nine People Have to Die?

Recently, nine patients died in Alabama when they received intravenous nutrition that was contaminated with deadly bacteria. This type of nutrition is called total parenteral nutrition, or TPN, and is used to nourish patients by vein when their digestive systems are not functioning properly. It is a milestone achievement in medicine and saves and maintains lives every day. What went wrong? How did an instrument of healing become death by lethal injection? What is the lesson that can emerge from this unimaginable horror? This tragedy represents that most feared ‘never event’ that can ever occur – death by friendly fire. No survivors. Contrast this with many other medical ‘never events’ as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, such as post-operative infections, development of bed sores in the hospital or wrong-site surgery. Under the ‘never events’ program, hospitals will be financially penalized if a listed event occurs. Many physicians and hospitals are concern

IPhone Apps for Physicians: Medical Apps I Want

Your humble Luddite Whistleblower has leapt across the sea to reach the Isle of Technology. I now own and operate an iPhone, which identifies me as groovy, hip and cool, three adjectives that none of our 5 kids ever use to describe their technophobic father. I’m told that my text messages are too long and too frequent. I am admonished that it is not necessary for me to photograph moments of high drama, such as a kid eating breakfast, and then to disseminate the image to my contact list. I am reminded often that I am slow to grasp the mechanical intricacies of the device, such as switching from ring to vibration mode. You may wonder how it was possible that I, who consider using an ATM to be a high level computer operation, could make the iPhone, my phone. I knew I couldn’t fail, despite my trepidation of all things cyber. I had a secret weapon, a ‘Plan B’. Actually, I had Plan Z, the most powerful asset that anyone in my situation could hope for. Z stands for Zachy. One sentence will

Medical Turf Wars: Truth vs Turf

Prototype 'BS' meter.  So many folks express views that are obviously self-serving, but they try to masquerade them as altruistic positions that benefit some other constituency. These attempts usually fool no one, but yet these performances are common and ongoing. They are potent fertilizer for cynicism. Teachers’ unions have been performing for us for decades. Their positions on charter schools, school vouchers, merit pay and the tenure system are clear examples of professional advocacy to protect teachers’ jobs and benefits; yet the stated reasons are to protect our kids. Yeah, right. While our kids are not receiving a top flight education, the public has gotten smart in a hurry on what’s really needed to reform our public educational system. This is why these unions are now retreating and regrouping, grudgingly ‘welcoming’ some reform proposals that have been on the table for decades. This was no epiphany on their part. They were exposed and vulnerable. They wisely sense