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Coronvirus - Test Your Knowledge!

Folks love quizzes and puzzles, especially now when most of us are spending most of our time hunkered down at home.   I had attempted to send one my kids a jigsaw puzzle that I ordered on line, only to discover a few weeks later that the item was out of stock.   Apparently, like hand sanitizer and foster dogs, jigsaw puzzles are in very high demand. Scarcer than toilet paper. In an earlier phase of my life, I prepared ‘quizzes’ that were passed around on holidays and family dinners when guests competed for valuable prizes such as stickers, packs of gum and other treasures that are sold at dollar stores.    Not only were these experiences ‘fun for the whole family’, but they were effective educational tools.    Ask a Kirsch kid even today whose portrait is on the $50 bill or how many neck bones are inside a giraffe’s neck, and he or she (I hope) will nail it. So today, I will offer readers a lighter fare.   Here’s a coronavirus quiz based on recent news reports.   Rely

When Should We Open the Economy after Coronavirus?

In the weeks ahead, there will be growing tension between forces wanting to open up the economy and those who demand that we hold the line.   And no one can tell us now when it will be okay to pull the trigger.   It is so much easier to endure a challenge if there is a firm end date to focus on.    In this case, not only is there no clear trigger-date, but there will never be agreement on when it will be acceptable to pull back.   I’m no expert, but here’s a brief list outlining the complexities of this conundrum. Public health experts will disagree on the economic relaxation date. Corporate leaders will likely favor a sooner and broader opening of the economy. Governors will have diverging views from national leaders about what actions their state should take. Businesses who are not permitted to open may howl and protest as competitors are given a pass. Can schools, for example, be reopened while we are still urged to maintain social distancing? Will the nation accept being

CDC Advises Cloth Masks for Everyone. Why Now?

I haven’t seen so many masks since I was a Trick or Treater.   Even as a physician, I have worn surgical masks very rarely as it was uncommon for me to be in an operating room, where masks and gowns are part of the dress code.    Until I embarked upon a transition to telemedicine recently, many of the patients coming to see me in the office were masked. The official dogma on wearing masks during the pandemic is evolving. Experts at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the World Health Organization (WHO), the Surgeon General as well as many prominent public health officials had advised just recently that masks were not an effective barrier against coronavirus.   This is why asymptomatic individuals were not advised to mask up.   In contrast, we were told that these masks should be worn by symptomatic individuals who were coughing or sneezing as masks may reduce the risk that others will become infected. Just days ago, there was a sudden change in policy.  Now t