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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lights the Fuse

Before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death certificate was signed, Judicial Warfare commenced. Both sides, of course, were prepared for this moment.   Justice Ginsburg, seemingly indefatigable, was well into her ninth decade and had numerous collisions with cancer.   It’s cruel, but entirely expected, that the nation was not given a proper opportunity to honor her legacy and accomplishments which should command admiration from all Americans.   One need not agree with her judicial philosophy or her opinions to admire the breadth of her accomplishments, her work ethic, her intellect, her vision and her humanity.   Indeed, her storied friendship with the late Justice Antonin Scalia shows a nation overflowing with anger what is possible. The efforts to recall her legacy were soon subsumed in partisan warfare.   The Democrats accused the GOP of monumental hypocrisy as they juxtapose their statements in 2016 when Judge Merrick Garland was nominated to their current proclamations that con

Stopping Coronavirus on College Campuses

Perhaps, October 31 st will be an inflection point in the pandemic since more folks will be wearing masks on Halloween. I assume that the annual ritual of trick or treating will be suspended this year, as have so many of our performances, celebrations, concerts and athletic event spectating.    It has been my observation in Ohio that more folks are masking up, although there are exceptions everywhere.   Our governor has directed concern for some rising case numbers toward college youth, who astonishingly haven’t followed the rules.   Just because one is a college student doesn’t guarantee that his decisions will be graced with wisdom.   And, if there is to be any chance that college kids who are drawn toward campus parties like iron filings are attracted to a strong magnet, there will need to be sure and certain enforcement.   What if a college made students aware that violating public health rules would result in expulsion with no refund of monies spent?    Yes, I know this sounds

Dealing with Angry People - Better to Do Right than Be Right

 The nation’s racial upheaval, particularly vis a vis law enforcement, has shown us the value of the skill of de-escalation.   A situation arises and several outcomes are possible, although some are clearly preferred.  The specific technique and approach utilized may determine the end result.  A range of options are often available.  What can make these situations so difficult to unravel afterwards is that an option that may lead to escalation may be deemed to be acceptable, according to the training protocol.  In other words, even the approach taken was acceptable, there may have been a better way. Obviously, we all endorse training and practices that has the highest probability of bringing calm to a potential combustible situation.    I expect law enforcement – the professionals – to pursue de-escalation as their default mode.   But, the citizenry can and should do its part to de-escalate.     If all parties share the desire for a calm denouement, then it is much more likely that t

Labor Day 2020

Labor Day is a time to pause, reflect and to thank all those who keep this nation vibrant. You are the guts of the country. Labor has battled many adversaries over the decades.  It has sparred with management.  It has railed against 'right to work' legislation.  It has struggled to compete against low wage workers in foreign countries. But this year it has been sucker-punched by the most formidable adversary that has ever entered the arena. And Labor is still reeling.  And, so are the rest of us. An enemy like no other It will be a slow grind, but it will lumber forward.  Yes, we will reach the other side.  How will we get there?  Of course, we will need our medical and scientific community to put the virus in its place.  And everyone will have a role to play.  But, the grit, sweat and determination of Labor will be a major force leading us out of the abyss.