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'Face Masks Violate my Rights!

Several decades ago, Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill, who was Speaker of the House is associated with the adage, all politics is local .   In other words, caring for the needs of one’s constituents is the best strategy to preserve one’s political viability.   Of course, those were also the days when Democrats and Republicans – despite their philosophical differences – could argue and thrash out a deal.   Indeed, it has become political lore how Speaker O’Neill and President Ronald Reagan could capitalize on their personal chemistry to make progress for the nation. Those were the days. There is a different type of chemistry today that exists between Speaker Pelosi and President Donald Trump.   When they are mixed together, they form an unstable compound that is highly volatile and may explode. Instead of all politics is local , we now have all things are politics , a sad bastardization of O’Neill’s principle.   Now, as we are all so painfully aware, anything can be politicized, whic

Ohio City to Remove Christopher Columbus Statue

Progress is a messy business.   The pathways that have led, and are leading, and will lead to societal change have not been straight shots.   The nation is now tightly focused on pursuing racial justice, which has entered the 401 st year of a journey that has yet to meet its destination.   You can site your own examples of necessary reforms that were the result of years or decades of struggles that have been wrenching, frustrating and even violent.   None of these successes and ongoing works in progress are easily accomplished.   It’s hard for folks to feel they must give up something, particularly if they do not feel personally responsible for the injustice that is being legitimately targeted.   The reform process is not clean and many friendly fire casualties often result.   We saw this when the nation become revolted after learning about the horrible and pervasive culture of sexual harassment that permeated many businesses and industries.   I felt that in this instance, and e

Breaking News! Black Lives Matter vs COVID19 vs Election 2020!

Protests for racial justice continued throughout the country. Businesses are racing to announce their corporate policies for justice and equality. New polling reports that a majority of American support the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. Even military brass support renaming military installations named after Confederate generals.   New York City opened up showing bold determination to aim toward normalcy Over a dozen states are reporting increased cases of COVID-19. President Trump expressed that policy brutality is committed by a few bad apples. Attorney General William Barr and others denied that systemic racism exists in law enforcement.   Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs.   Over 150 COVID-19 vaccine efforts are underway. Major League Baseball still has no agreement between owners and players because of the usual obstacle. HBO Max pulled Gone with the Wind because of its sanitized portrayal of slavery in the

A Nation Reels from Police Brutality

In medical terms, the nation has been in status epilepticus – an unrelenting seizure - since the cruel and cowardly killing of George Floyd, an act of evil that we have all witnessed on tape repeatedly. First, there was the brazen killing of an unarmed man who was already lying face down in handcuffs while a police officer pressed his neck into the pavement.   All the while the officer’s hand was comfortably planted in his pocket, a casual pose that one might expect from an officer ambling down the street greeting folks passing by.   Three of the officer’s confederates hovered over the scene.   Was Mr. Floyd a flight risk?  While I am not a law enforcement professional, Mr. Floyd did not appear to be combative or resisting? This violence was perpetrated by one who was sworn to protect and serve all of us, including Mr. Floyd. Protests erupted throughout the nation and beyond our borders.   While Mr. Floyd's passing may have been the spark, the story started hundreds of