Sunday, August 15, 2021

How Much Do You Know About Covid? Test Your Knowledge!

 There isn’t a person, a pet or a plant in this country who is not aware of COVID-19.  With regret, but not surprisingly, the pandemic has struck back as it successfully targets the unvaccinated community.  We have to hope that this outbreak will be the last gasp of the pandemic and not that of many ailing Americans.

The nation has been deluged with information, misinformation and disinformation.  We confront facts and alternative facts.  Even legitimate public health experts are not consistently singing from the same hymnal.

So, I thought this was an apt opportunity to test your knowledge on the novel coronavirus with ten True or False questions – no multiple choice or essay.  What could be easier?  And there is no penalty for guessing.  Answers appear at the foot of this post. 

Good luck.  Let the games begin.

How Much Do You Know?


The Delta variant is so named since this strain was brought in from overseas by a Delta airline pilot.

CNN, a leading cable news station, stands for Coronavirus News Network.

Masks offer superior protection than vaccines since they directly block virus from entering the respiratory passages. 

Employees cannot be legally required to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

An employer who asks if an employee has been vaccinated against COVID-19 has violated HIPAA rules and risks government sanctions.

The two-shot Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are twice as effective as the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

‘Long Covid’ is caused by a long sausage shaped virus rather than the typical spherical viral particle.

The N-95 mask gets its name from Lab 95 at the National Institutes of Health where the mask was designed. 

A newly described Baldo variant has no spikes on the viral surface and can therefore slide more easily into the lungs. 

Vigorous handwashing with designated soap and very warm water kills the COVID-19 virus. 

I hope that you found this quiz to be enlightening and amusing.  Feel free to share the post with family and friends who might enjoy this diversionary challenge. 

The answer key?  The correct answer to every question is False!


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