Sunday, November 15, 2020

How Honest Are You?

What is your threshold for speaking up?  Most of us claim to hover at an upper orbit of personal integrity.  But for many if not most of us, the boundary can be wavy.  We see and hear every day how political leaders use different sets of weights and measures depending upon political considerations.  Let me make this plain for readers with the following brief example.

“When your guy does it, it’s corrupt and dishonest!”

“When my guy does it, it’s completely ethical!”

Test your own integrity as you peruse the following list.

"Hmmm, what do I tell mom?"

Is it a lie to tell your mom that her meat loaf was great when it conjured up visions of Ken-L Ration?

If you catch your kid plagiarizing a term paper, do you contact the teacher?

If a friend divulges that he is working under the table to avoid paying taxes, do you notify the IRS?

If a coworker asks you to punch the time clock for him to hide a late start, do you simply refuse or also notify the manager?

Have you visited a small private business to find out the exact product that will meet your needs and budget and then head out to a big box store where the product will be cheaper?

If a patient asks a physician to modify a diagnosis so that a medical test will be covered by insurance, does the doctor refuse? 

And if political leaders observe their president and his minions wallowing in an amoral abyss, do they jump up to denounce him or jump in with him?

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