Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dr. Sean Conley - White House Physician - a National Mentor

 In one’s profession and in life, we strive to improve our performance.  There are so many pathways available to progress on this journey.  One of the best ways is to emulate others.  Athletes, artists, musicians, writers, parents, tradesmen, educators, clergy, law enforcement personnel and even physicians can better their performance by imitating others.  And while it might seem axiomatic that our best role model is one who is more proficient than we, this is not necessarily the case .  The team captain can learn much from a rookie.  The Jewish Talmud expresses the truth more eloquently. 

                                               Who is wise? One who learns from every man.

Over my career, I have tried to improve my practice of medicine from watching other physicians and nurses in action.  As an example, I have heard medical professionals having difficult conversations with patients which taught me how to do this better.

So, when President Trump’s doctor recently led several news conferences to discuss the president’s COVID-19 status, flanked by the an expansive medical team, of course I was rapt.  At his level of the profession, I knew he would have much to offer me, an unknown community gastroenterologist.  After studying his speech pattern, facial expressions, clarity, humility and truthfulness, I was anxious to emulate this national medical mentor to take my own professional performance into a higher orbit.

Based on what I learned from Dr. Sean Conley, here’s an example of how I hope to communicate with patients and their families henceforth.

Doctor Whistleblower:    I’m here to update you on your evaluation for abdominal pain.

Patient:  I’m so glad you’re here, doctor.  What’s causing this stomach pain?

Doctor Whistleblower:  Well, one thing for sure; it’s not athlete’s foot.  We’ve ruled that out.

Patient:  Whaddya mean athlete’s foot?  We’re talking about my stomach.

Doctor Whistleblower:  Exactly my point. 

Patient:  Did the CAT scan show anything?

Doctor Whistleblower:  Only the usual expected findings.

Patient:  What findings?

Doctor Whistleblower:  Like I said, the usual.

Patient:  Did I have appendicitis or something else?

Doctor Whistleblower:  I really can’t say.

Family:  What’s going on here?

Doctor Whistleblower:  Please don’t interrupt the patient and me or I’ll have to contact security.

Patient: Can you please tell me what’s wrong with me?

Doctor Whistleblower: I wish I could, but I can’t violate patient confidentiality.  You know that HIPAA stuff?

Patient:  But, I’m the patient!

Doctor Whistleblower:  Exactly my point!  You’re finally catching on.  My hands are tied here

Patient:  Can I be discharged home please?

Doctor Whistleblower:  Sure, but it will be against medical advice.  So, if things head south at home, it’s on you.  I'm so glad though that you're feeling better and are ready to go home.  

With all that I've learned, I hope that I can serve as a mentor for younger doctors and pay it forward.  





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  1. Thanks for using your considerable talent for comedy and satire to make some important points. Dr Conley is not a very good role model for communication or transparency but he does have good cheekbones.