Sunday, November 13, 2022

A High Reward Investment with No Risk!

ROI (return on investment) is an investment principle.  If we contemplate an investment – whether money, time or training – we often speculate on what return on our investment we can expect.   What is the ideal ROI?  There is none.  One’s view of a financial ROI depends on the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, financial portfolio and stage of life.   For example, two experienced financial experts might completely disagree on the worth of a particular investment.

What if I offered you an investment that costs nearly nothing but promised a huge yield?  Interested?  Am I sounding like a 2 a.m. telemarketer promising to make you rich on some 'no money down' scheme?

If you follow my advice, you may surely become enriched, but don’t expect that you would enjoy any financial enhancement.  You can decide if it would be worthwhile to include these ‘investments’ in your life’s portfolio. 

Here are some life investments that I think might make our lives better.   I’m certainly not preaching.  I need these in my 'portfolio' as much as anyone.    

Hey buddy, this one's on me!

When you are in line for coffee, buy a cup for the person behind you.  You will be amazed at the payoff.  Both of your days will be better.  Perhaps, this will be the first link in a long chain.

If a driver changes lanes and slides in front of you, even if you feel the driver came across too soon, do not regard him as a traitor to the nation. There is no need to accelerate until you nearly collide with his car while you hurl verbal epithets or gesticulate wildly.  Does the world really need more rage?  Have you ever committed the same offense?  How about a small measure of forbearance?

As you are boarding a plane, help someone to lift his suitcase into the overhead compartment. 

The next time you are poised to raise your voice, consider if the situation truly warrants this.  My guess is that it doesn't.

Tell one of your subordinates at work what he is doing right.

Send a handwritten note to someone you care about.  No reason needed.

Try using this phrase.  "Wow, I've never thought of it that way."

Be gracious and understanding about someone’s error.

Try striking up a real conversation with someone beyond idle small talk. 

Say ‘thank you’ and mean it. 

I would be grateful for any additions to this list.  I thank you for this and trust me, I really mean it.