Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coronavirus or Coronoverse?

A worker was told of corona.
Who's boss said, "You're on your own-a."
"Leave the arena"
"Begone! Quarantina!"
"You mean I'm gonna be all alone-a?"

Coronavirus - An Invisible Foe

We will get to the other side.   Clearly, the path to a safe and secure future has not been a straight shot.  Both the government and the public have fallen short. The initial coronavirus testing launched here was a debacle, in contrast to other countries that knew how to aim straight.  We have seen price gouging for hand sanitizer and face masks.  As recently as this past Thursday, Florida beaches were teaming with folks who brazenly and selfishly risked contracting the virus and transmitting it to others.

But, most of us have fallen into line.  And, so have our leaders.

I feel more sanguine that we will prevail in the medical arena than we will on the economic front.

Epidemics and pandemics will join the array of natural disasters that have become commonplace events in our lives.  And, we will learn to combat them more skillfully.

It's scary.  It's surreal.  A microscopic entity with no brain and no motive can bring the world to its knees.  The world will surely stand up again, but we may need to hold on to each other.

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  1. Testing and prevention came too late. The leaders thought that it would just go away. Now it is frightening. If we don’t have it ourselves we know someone who does.