Sunday, December 22, 2019

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2019!

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the House,
All the creatures were plotting,
Claiming Trump was a….RAT!

We have Schiff and Nadler
And, of course, Madame Speaker,
Who are as transparent,
As the Anonymous leaker!

Our Democracy might fail,
Our Dem statesmen teach,
So what choice do they have
But to hold hands and impeach.

When Mueller fell flat,
They all felt the pain,
But, the Lord heard their prayers
And POOF – came Ukraine!

With so many versions
How could we know
If Trump really offered
A quid pro quo.

The witnesses swore
Trump’s plan was – Extort!
Jim Jordan responded
With a loud bleating snort.

And with all of this static
Some can’t be heard,
When the candidates speak,
We hear nary a word.

So Warren and Bernie,
(And Blitzen and Dasher)
Have been squelched and muzzled.
By the Candidate Crashers.

When it all ends
And the Senate says, No!
No minds will change.
I told you so!

While the republic survives,
And impeachment will fail,
This won’t be the end
Of this harrowing tale. 

It’s easy to break
And harder to build
Has hope for our healing
Already been killed?

Let’s join together
In this land of plenty,
As we strive to get through

Joy and Peace!


  1. Dear Dr. Kirsch,

    The Case of the Disappearing Copayment

    I had a nuclear cardiological stress test this week. Two days before the test, I was called by the cardiologist's office and informed that there would be a copay of $143 for the test. This had not been mentioned when I made the appointment and I thought perhaps my coverage had changed, so I called my health insurance company and was informed that the procedure would be reimbursed with no copay. Upon arrival for the test, the receptionist asked me for the payment. I informed her that the insurance company told me that there would not be a copayment required. She said she would look into it and, when I checked out, she said it appeared that there would not be any copay required. Before the medical professionals conducted the test, I asked them if the addition of the nuclear injections created the need to charge extra. They expressed surprise that a copay was required. It was their understanding that if the test was covered, it would be fully covered. Of course, they are not involved with the business end of cardiology. I am going to ask their business manager who determined the amount of the copay, how the amount was determined and if and when it was communicated to them by the insurance company. I wonder if it could be their business practice to invent a copay and ask the patient to pay it and to remove it if challenged by the patient.

    If you are interested in posting a blog on this issue under your Cost Control Quality heading, I will be glad to let you know of the outcome of my investigation. Is this a practice that has come to your attention?

    Also, may I have permission to quote from your blog posts in articles that I am considering writing for local publications (including their websites) with attribution to MD Whistleblower?

    Sincerely yours,
    Charles Stinard

  2. @Chad, rev'd your comment. I would request that you not quote from this blog, but I wish you well in your endeavors. MK