Sunday, July 7, 2019

Is E Pluribus Unum 'Fake News'?

The colonists were not united in the mission to achieve independence from Great Britain. Indeed, there was tension between the Loyalists, who wanted to remain British, and the Patriots, who demanded separation.  Ultimately, the nation came together as the the great experiment in American democracy commenced.  This is embodied in the nation's original motto e pluribus unum, translated from Latin as 'out of many, one.  Have we remained true to this principle?

Challenges and Choices Before Us in 2019

Divide or heal

A cudgel or an olive branch

Dialogue or lecture

Accusation or apology

Breaking or bending

Sneering or smiling

Entitlement or generosity

Shouting or singing

A polemic or poetry

A fist or a handshake

Saying no or saying yes

'You are wrong' or 'I am wrong

In your view, dear readers, how are we doing?  Should we adopt a new motto, to unum de multis, out of one, many?

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