Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day 2019 - Let's Pause in Gratitude

I have never worn the uniform.  My dad joined the Navy during World War II and served for 39 months.  He was never deployed beyond our borders.  One of his brothers signed up for the Army and the other brother joined the Marines.  They were all the children of immigrants.  They didn't expect any recognition for their service.  This is simply what everyone did. 

While I do not advocate resuming the military draft, I would support every citizen performing some manner of compulsory service to the nation.  It would devote massive human energy to unmet needs. It would establish a culture of service that this country sorely needs.  It would bind us closer to each other and to the nation.  Imagine the experience of young citizens across racial, gender, religious and socioeconomic lines collaborating together on a worthy endeavor.

Can you propose a legitimate argument against such a proposal?

I'm so grateful to all who serve and have served and I meditate over the incalculable sacrifices that millions have made for the rest of us.   I can't begin to contemplate the costs that so many have borne.  Only, the survivors, their families and their loved ones can speak to this experience.

A trenchant phrase is displayed at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

'Freedom is Not Free'

On Memorial Day, let us remember...

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