Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018 - Finding Joy in a Dark World

We are still recovering from the tragedies in Pittsburgh and Chicago.  Fires out west have roared over thousands of homes with more fatalities than have been yet accounted for.   Immigrants streaming toward our southern border in search of a better life are demonized and politicized.  Our nation's allies who have stood with us for a century are now reassessing their faith in our faithfulness.  Our free press, despite its lack of accountability and presence of bias, is under unfair attack.  Harvard's preferential admission policies have become exposed with other universities to follow.  Road rage had become the rage.  Facebook has exploited and deceived us. Truth has become an elastic concept.  Our political opponents are regarded as enemies.  I win if you fail.  The citizenry has deepened its disgust and cynicism.  An errant remark can lead to public vilification and loss of a job or reputation.  We have become an angry populace.

What did you discuss at your Thanksgiving tables?  Did you reach across the table in fellowship?  Was the table regarded as a politics-free zone?  Or, did you simply enjoy the experience as a needed oasis from the surrounding darkness and cacophony?

We have made the work of repairing the world harder than ever and harder than it has to be.  I truly believe it can commence 1 person at a time with the smallest of gestures.  Buy the person standing behind you in line at Dunkin' Donuts a cup of coffee.  You'll be rewarded by a sincere smile.  Smile back with a soft reply to 'pay it forward'.

Yes, I am very thankful for so many blessings and good fortune, much of it undeserved.  I truly hope that all of us found some joy that they could enjoy and share with others.

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