Sunday, December 17, 2017

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2017!

Dashing through the swamp
Through caves of muck and mire
Where folks are much afeard
That someone wears a wire.

Repeal, replace went down
Mitch played a losing hand
Which traitor killed the bill?
Susan, John or Rand?

Now, onto tax reform,
With just a minor glitch,
It crushes us with debt
Excepting all the rich!

Does Rexie have to go,
For someone with more steel,
Who believes with heart and soul.
In Art of the Deal?

The Dems kicked Franken out
Of this they were so sure,
They needed to stampede
To prep for Judge Roy Moore.

The Dems and GOP
Whose mantra is ‘Attack’!
Sometimes face to face,
Or sometimes in the back!

Soon this year will end,
Will next year be duller?
I doubt this will occur
Once we hear from Mueller!

Some want Trump to go.
But does this move make sense?
Would they really want
President Mike Pence?

Joy and Peace!


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