Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

The Whistleblower wishes all readers all good things for the coming year.  2017 will launch us into uncertain times where many of us are a mélange of hope, worry, fear, resignation, optimism, anger, skepticism, validation and self-doubt.  Will the ship of state sail straight and true or will we find the nation steaming off course into dangerous waters?   I suspect that it will not be simply one path or the other.  There will be times when we will stray and other times when we will more closely hit the desired target.  This is how every government, and indeed every person, lives and breathes.

Off Course or On Target?

We can accept the inevitable zigzagging with the hope and belief that the overall trend will take us forward. 

Let us celebrate our successes and exercise some forbearance when we or others miss the mark despite good intentions.

This blog enriches and challenges me and I hope it brings some small measure of delight to all of you.  Please continue to let me know (with forbearance!) when I have missed the mark.

I wish all of you well.

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