Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 - We Remember

I am in coffee shops several times per week.  I prefer independent establishments with atmosphere and authenticity.  For that reason, it is rare to spot me in a retail coffee outlet whose HQ is in Seattle, Washington.  This past week, as I was carrying my cafĂ© mocha to my table, I spied some board games stacked up on a table.  On top was the game pictured below.

This brought back warm memories of playing this game as a young kid.  It recalled the wholesome and beautiful childhood that my parents gave me.  Millennials might not appreciate the raw and fierce competition of games such as Candyland, Chinese checkers or Trouble, which has caused a huge void in their lives. 

Looking back and remembering gives meaning to our lives.  We remember a song, a joke, a celebration, a concert, a speech and relationships.  Isn’t it amazing how hearing a song from years ago captures a mood?

This weekend, we remember and ponder something of infinite meaning and importance.  We remember what so many Americans have done and still do so that folks like me can blog without fear, read a newspaper that criticizes our government or protest lawfully in the public square.

I have never served so I cannot begin to grasp what you have done.  But, I have met many of you, and I am inspired by your heroism and your modesty.

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