Saturday, December 19, 2015

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2015!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Cruz is ridin’ high,
Jeb is lagging way behind,
But tells us he’s our guy. 

Trump is here, Trump is there,
Trump is everywhere,
Promising we’ll be as great,
As his golden hair. 

Walker’s gone, Perry’s out,
And Jindal, “Not my time”.
Lindsey Graham is begging us,
“Please send me a dime.”

Carly has a pretty face,
Christie’s slimming down.
Pataki sports a comb over,
Santorum wears a frown.

Huckabee, with a smile
Gives fire and brimstone ash,
Carson says, “I stabbed a guy!”
Kasich trolls for cash.

Who among these flapping jaws,
Will be the next to fall?
Who can make the case for ‘Prez’?
Pataki or Rand Paul?

Hillary’s in the catbird seat.
Bernie just can’t hit.
The GOP in unison
‘Oh where, oh where is Mitt!’

Wishing you Joy and Peace!


  1. Happiest of holidays, Michael, to you and yours.

    Your version of Jingle Bells is fantastic. I was at the library while reading it on line and had a hard time suppressing gurgling and laughing noises while reading it. Two Thumbs up!

  2. Hope to see more from you in the coming new year.

  3. dg, so nice to hear from you. Are you surviving the campaign season?