Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Honors All

It’s Labor Day tomorrow when we pause to honor those whose labor has laid down the scaffolding of this nation.  Are we all in agreement who the honoree is on this federal holiday? 

Labor Day - A Sad Day for Cows

Originally, the holiday was to honor the labor unions, organizations that emerged over a century ago as a response to unfair and unsafe labor practices.  I certainly honor the working man for their contributions.

There are carpenters and electricians who work for themselves, not for  labor unions.  Is the holiday for them also?

What about the rest of us?  I’m a physician.  I work hard and hope that I am making some contribution toward the public good.  Is this holiday for me also?

Business owners and management work long hours, often beyond traditional shifts, to maintain the success of their companies.  Is this holiday for them?

Artists labor long hours coloring canvases or sculpting provocative creations.  Should they work tomorrow or are they entitled to a day off?

Entrepreneurs risk capital to create new or improved products and services.  While they don’t use hammers or wire cutters, it sounds like work to me.  Are they allowed to picnic tomorrow?

How about pregnant women who are about to deliver their offspring?  If they go into labor tomorrow, I say that Labor Day is for them.  Care to argue with me?

All work is honorable and deserving of honor.  Whatever you do for a living, fire up the grill tomorrow.  Make it a labor of love.

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