Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whistleblower Abroad!

This is a Whistleblower Holiday.  A few weeks before this posting, we are setting off to the Philippines.  After about 10 days there, we're off to Japan, where we expect to savor the full potential of sushi and other delicacies.  This will be the biggest trip of my life.

I leave with enhanced immunity having received the influenza vaccine, a belated tetanus booster and the oral typhoid vaccine - veritable germ armor!

No Traveler's Diarrhea!

Why the Philippines?  My daughter, Elana, is spending a year there teaching at an international school.  We are going because she is there.We all know the advantage of maintaining low expectations.  Here are some of mine.

  • Pull an all-nighter the night before departure to reduce the expected jet lag.  Manila is 13 hours ahead of Cleveland time.
  • Don't miss the initial 7 a.m. flight out of Cleveland.
  • No one on any of the 3 flights sitting in front of me reclines.
  • The airport WiFi actually works.
  • Our circulatory systems do not form blood clots during our 24 hours of flying time.
  • The family with the crying baby is not on our flight.
  • My iPad and cash will not be separated from their owner.
  • My box of imodium won't be opened.
  • The malaria prophylaxis pills work.
  • The jet lag upon our return will resolve in a month.
Timing is everything.  Today, the temperature in Cleveland approaches minus 30 with the windchill factor.  It's 78 degrees in Manila now.  Looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun and the daughter.

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