Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2014!

T’was the week before Christmas
And all through the House,
Boehner was stirring
No longer a mouse

The Senate as well
In GOP hands
Girding for battle
With toothless demands.

No government shutdown
That never played well.
Impeachment would surely
Damn them to hell.

Executive orders,
No self-deport.
Why diss the Congress?
He does it for sport!

In 2016,
Are Repubs aware,
That they need a candidate
With Romney’s hair?

GOP are no saints
They carp and complain,
Blaming Obama
With dripping disdain.

“He’s a king or a czar.
It’s all been a ruse.”
We know this is true
It was on Fox News.

So will there be progress?
Will they join hands?
Can we have hope?
As we watch from the stands?

Or can we expect,
More of the same,
Bickering, sniping
And pointing the blame?

Will Jeb give the nod?
Can Hillary lose?
Or Dancer or Prancer,
Or maybe Ted Cruz?

Sit back and relax,
For the start of the show,
It’s a rerun of sorts,
Gridlock 2.0!

Wishing you joy and peace.

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