Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whistleblower Holiday Cheer 2010!

Readers immerse

In my rhymed universe

And decide if my verse

Is for better or worse.

An imam, a rabbi

Along with a priest,

Were seated together

At a holiday feast.

They smiled and they laughed

And enjoyed swapping jokes.

Can you believe

They ducked out for a smoke?

Was their bonhomie real

Or just a facade?

Didn’t they pray

To the very same God?

When together as men

Without enmity,

Walls can be broken

They realized, all three.

Can you still scorn a man

And give him the blame?

When you raise up your glass

And toast him by name?

When it’s all over

And the three of them part

Will they remember

The warmth in their hearts?

Or will the noise and the static

And political din,

Return them once more

To division and sin?

Who will you choose

To your table this year?

Family and friends

Who come year after year?

Perhaps, there are guests

Who could join you this time,

Who could sing at your hearth.

Together in rhyme.

There are friends on your list

And family, no doubt,

But, is someone missing

Who you may have left out?

Wishing you joy and peace!


  1. Your poem is important
    in message and tone,
    The message within it
    brings it all home.

    Thanks for your writing,
    with wisdom and wit.
    I'm glad you are blogging,
    Dr. Kirsch you're a hit.

  2. She writes ‘Everything’,
    This major player
    Everyone’s reading
    Toni Brayer!