Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's My Whistleblower?

This week, there is no formal Whistleblower post. I am sorry to disappoint the tens of thousands of readers who race to this site each Sunday morning for a weekly dose of amusement seasoned with satire. Did I develop  blogger’s block? Hardly. There is more stuff to write about than any blogger has time to write.

I am honored to serve as the host of this week’s Grand Rounds, which will appear on this site on Tuesday, February 23rd. I have been occupied sorting through the many fine submissions I have received this week.  It's been fun getting acquainted with blogs and bloggers that had been outside of my personal blogoverse.

For those procrastinators who still wish to submit a post, please note that the deadline is noon today. If you miss the deadline, and you grovel sufficiently, then I will likely grant you an extension. Instructions for submitting posts can be found on the last Whistleblower.

As for today, brew the coffee, crack open the New York Times and watch the Sunday morning news programs. If you do, then wear a coat because the politicians on these shows spin so wildy, that you might catch a chill from the cold air rushing out of your TV set.

See you on Tuesday.

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